On Landing my First Job in Tech

In this video I talk about what it’s like to go on my first handful of interviews for tech jobs since graduating from the Guild of Software Architects a few weeks ago. I discuss my preparations for my first job as a mobile UI Designer and how I have evaluated my other job prospects. There are many things to consider with your first job in tech- what language you will be coding in (or if designing what software you’ll be using on the job), what type of work you will be doing, what mediums, what size of a company, what type of company, the working environment, the benefits, the terms, etc. There is a lot to consider!


On Learning Full Stack Vs. Front End

I made this video in response to a question in the comments of my last video. The question was should someone learn a backend language if they want to be a front end developer. I encourage you to check out my answer to the comment but also if you’re curious about this watch this video for my fully fleshed out response. In this video I also talk about the upcoming programs at my bootcamp the Guild of Software Architects and my future goals of being a user interface animation designer/developer and a Free Code Camp Evangelist.

Also! Announcing that my husband has decided to take the Android Development bootcamp course at the Guild of Software Architects at the end of the month! They have plenty of space if anyone is looking for a mobile dev bootcamp in a competitive market! There’s an iOS coming up in the spring of 2017 as well but I hear that one is filling up a lot faster.

Aaaand… I am graduating this week and actively looking for a job if anyone knows of one please let me know 🙂